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Credited to Swiss physician and nutritional pioneer, Maximilian Bircher-Benner. The recipe consisted of oat flakes, raw apples, condensed milk, nuts and lemon juice and it led Dr Bircher-Benner to overwhelming improvements in the health of many of his patients. He experimented with the health effects raw foods have on the body, and from this he promoted muesli, a dish based on raw oats, fruits, and nuts.

1 Kg - PaddyO's Oats
1 L - Apple Juice
1 Kg - Raspberry Yoghurt
1 L - Milk
100 Grams - Honey
3 Red Apples Shredded
3 Banana's Mashed.


1 large round bowl  Add the Oats Add the Apple Juice  Add the yoghurt Add the Milk  Add the Honey Shred the apple into the mixture  Peel and mash the banana's until paste-like, then add to the mixture.    Stir well to make sure all the oats are wet.  If possible leave for 5-10 minutes to allow the oats to absorb the liquid content.  If the mixture is too stiff - add milk to loosen.    The consistency should be like a thick porridge. Serve and enjoy. This will last for three days.




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