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Gruyere, Chicken, Apple & Celery Salad


5 x 150 gram cooked chicken breasts (skin and bone removed and cut into strips)
550 grams grams Gruyere cheese (cut into fine strips)
Lollo rosso lettuce (washed)
2 Batavian endive (washed)
3 bunches watercress
5 green apples (cored and sliced)
8 Celery sticks sliced
4 tbsp Schwartz Italian Seasoning

For the dressing
185 ml Newforge Sunflower Oil
15 ml Newforge Sesame Oil
135 ml Newforge Lemon Juice
10 ml Schwartz Mint
6 drops Tabasco sauce


To make the dressing blend together the sunflower oil, sesame oil, lemon juice, Mint and Tabasco Sauce.

For the Salad pour a little dressing over the strips of chicken and cheese and set aside.

Mix the salad leaves with the celery and apple and pour over the dressing.

Divide into 10 and scatter even amounts of chicken and cheese on the leaves.

Sprinkle Schwartz Italian Seasoning over the top of the chicken and serve.






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