Tel: +353 (0)1 832 3300

External Marketing :

We also organise, encourage and participate in a wide range of trade activities:
In-store and national promotions
National and regional exhibitions and conferences
Menu and recipe design, development and advice
Trade competitions
Trade sponsorship (such as ‘Panel of Chefs’)
Funding of educational programmes for trainee chefs

Distribution / Storage:

We deliver to all locations nationally on a daily basis. Within the Dublin area, we
    provide a Day One for Day Two service; outside Dublin, we provide a Day One for
    Day Three service
To deliver, we use nationwide phone-controlled fleets operated by fully accredited
    distribution companies
All deliveries are pre-booked
Emergency deliveries can be arranged
Our state-of-the-art storage complex in Baldoyle Industrial Estate utilizes 21,000
    square feet (1,950 square metres) of storage space, which includes 1,800 pallet
    rack spaces
Dedicated order-selection and assembly teams guarantee a prompt and
    professional service
Computerised stock control systems provide accurate and real-time information

Please contact us at any stage with your queries.

Comprehensive Market Information:

Because we are in contact with our worldwide suppliers and producers on a daily
basis, we can tell you exactly what you want to know when you want to know it

When necessary, we can help you to source new products and product ranges
We can give you expert advice on relevant world crop yields and projected
    price fluctuations
 We can help you source alternative supplies that meet your specifications
We can e-mail or fax you any details, specifications and/or factory
    accreditation certification you require


Internal Marketing :


As our customers your business growth is our business growth and we want to
work closely with you to increase both. To help achieve that aim, our marketing
programme includes:

Mutually-agreed pricing
Personalised factsheets displaying product selling benefits
Sales meeting presentations to help your team acquire key product knowledge
Our brands advertised in your brochure or product list
Visits to your key customers
Expert brand packaging
Innovative display systems design

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